Regional and Demographic Strongholds

When devising your own strategy for messaging apps, it's vital to select the right platform mix for your organization, based on three core criteria:

  1. Regional Strongholds: Only a small group of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber can be said to be truly global—and even those platforms struggle in certain countries. Meanwhile, messengers like WeChat, LINE, and KakaoTalk completely dominate specific markets but have negligible traction in others.

  2. Demographics: It's a common misconception that messaging apps are a uniformly millennial phenomenon. Some apps like Snapchat and LINE skew both young and female, but others like Tango (which boasts 100 million monthly, active users, by our estimate) predominantly appeal to those aged 25–54 and strongly over-index with Hispanic and African-American users.

  3. Product Features: If your primary goal is to drive traffic directly back to your website, that won't be possible with apps like Snapchat that don't support clickable URL links. And if you want to launch a sticker/emoji-pack campaign, LINE and Viber are great options, but you can rule out both WhatsApp and Snapchat. Each app has a particular set of features, so make sure to choose one that supports the activation you have in mind.

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