Part I: Tech Criticism Origins and Tensions

What does technology criticism look like in practice? How is the relationship between technology companies and journalism affecting critical journalism? How can criticism help surface the assumptions and values behind technologies and their development? Which writers—critics or otherwise—contribute to the public discourse about technology and society, and how?

Foundations of Tech Criticism

How have public intellectuals and theorists approached technological change in the past? How is technology criticism changing?

Silicon Valley + the Media

How is the relationship between technology companies and journalism changing? How does this limit the critical voice of the media in holding technology powers accountable to society? When revenue and access to audience are mediated by technology powers, how does this constrain who can afford to publish probing criticism about technology?

Critic = Luddite/Anti-Progress?

How and why does technology resist criticism? How does criticism move beyond Luddite, anti-progress associations?

Tech Ideology

What do technologists take for granted, and what are their shared influences and epistemological stances? How do those positions and assumptions surface in our technologies and in a technologically driven society?

Means and Ends of Criticism

What is technology criticism for? Who is its intended audience? How can it affect real change, socially and politically? What does radical technology criticism look like, and what are its limits?

Who is a “Critic”

Which voices are represented and published today? Who gets to—or wishes to—call themselves a “critic”? What have critics of technology accomplished so far?

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