Elizabeth Hansen was an indispensable and patient guide throughout the writing and editing process. I’m grateful to Emily Bell for encouraging me to pursue this project. The Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation generously funded and sponsored this research. I owe thanks to editors Vanessa Gezari and Nausicaa Renner for providing a venue to rehearse and refine some of these ideas in the Columbia Journalism Review. I thank all my interviewees for their time, insights, and energizing conversations. I’m indebted to the people of the inspiring community and support network at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, who were my sounding board as I figured out how to define my work and myself. A few friends in particular—Jonathan Zittrain, Laura Zittrain, Kate Darling, and Jess Goldfin—continue to champion and express genuine interest in my work, for which I am grateful. Finally, I must credit my husband, Nick R. Smith, for unflaggingly upholding his vow to be my trusted editor and co-pilot. Thank you.

Sara M. Watson, October 2016

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