There is no question that technology is a significant part of everyday life. Journalists and critics alike are in a position to help articulate and understand our relationship to technology. While technology coverage has matured in recent history, there is still room for improving the quality of writing to address the most nuanced and complex issues facing society today.

Further research needs to explore the effects of technology coverage and criticism looking at measures of influence, or changes, in the market or governance of technology policy. And still more work remains to put voices from the tech industry, including public relations officers and venture capital funders, in closer dialogue with the media. As I have argued, this requires greater access for and mutual trust of technology reporters and critics in an environment where technology firms have become media platforms themselves.

With this report, I aim to illuminate the wider critical discourse about technology by acknowledging a more diverse set of contributors and approaches. In outlining a constructive criticism practice, I hope to encourage further contributions that speak to a variety of stakeholders, and empower readers to imagine alternative futures.

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