Appendix A. Constructive Technology Criticism Annotated Syllabus

This reading list reflects a broader, more generous definition of what technology criticism can and should be, and therefore includes a diverse range of contributors. Where possible, it pairs academic texts with examples from articles and from the popular media.

You can use this as a syllabus, following a structured path through the literature and the question prompts as guidance for the readings and discussion. You can also dip into a section as needed. The list is meant to be a primer to the major questions concerning technology and society, and how those questions are addressed in the popular discourse. More suggested resources and readings are available and constantly updated in the expanded and collaboratively edited Zotero group.182

Syllabus Objectives

  • Catalog the ongoing meta-discourse about technology writing and criticism
  • Pair popular articles with canonical academic work about technology
  • Build a primer and resource for writers covering questions about technology and society

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