Learning Security

Series structure

We offered two workshop tracks during the fall semester:

  • A drop-in series of standalone, three-hour workshops open to the first twenty students who RSVP’d for each session.

  • A cumulative series of three-hour weekend workshops for twelve students who committed to attending all six sessions.

We held five drop-in workshops—approximately two per month—with a slightly different group of fifteen to twenty students participating in each session. These workshops were officially two hours in length, with an optional third hour for discussion and Q&A. The majority of participants stayed for at least two-and-a-half hours. We held six cumulative workshops—approximately two per month—for a single group of twelve students, the vast majority of which attended all but a single session (for which they were allowed to schedule a catch-up appointment during our office hours the following week). These workshops lasted three hours. The sixth session included a series of evaluation exercises, which doubled as an opportunity to review material covered in all five workshops. Students were not given advance notice for these evaluations and had no opportunity to prepare for them.