Learning Security


With approximately ten years of combined experience facilitating intensive, three- to five-day information security trainings for activists, bloggers, and human rights defenders around the world, both the techniques we have refined through these engagements and experimental remediation of these efforts’ observed shortcomings informed our methodology for designing and delivering the workshops at the Columbia Journalism School in the fall of 2014.Our decision to draw on training precedents from the international human rights and activist communities stems from these sectors’ and journalism’s shared need to document and protect their sources, as hostile or repressive political regimes regularly target both groups—as individuals and organizations. Likewise, with respect toinformation security in particular, human rights activists and journalists must often learn as much as they can as quickly as they can, and then must return to environments that lack structured support for maintaining and expanding these skills. As a result, it is from these training ecosystems that many newsrooms have begun to seek similar expertise, training, and support12