i. Source, is often credited as the first podcast (and his 2003 interview with Winer the first podcast episode), this claim is arguable as it depends upon one’s definition of podcasting. I have called “Daily Source Code” the first podcast because Curry’s show included the software script that allowed for audio transfer to an mp3 device (which I am asserting is part of the definition of a podcast); Lydon’s audioblog, while it included the enclosure that allowed for audio to be accessed via RSS, did not initially include this script.

ii. See glossary for definition.

iii. See glossary for definition.

iv. See glossary for definition.

v. This report originally stated Christopher Lydon was the first podcaster, it has been updated with more information regarding the technological definition of podcasting (see footnote 1). The change is not just technical; because Christopher Lydon was a professional radio journalist before he was a podcaster, attributing podcasting’s beginnings to him fosters a narrative that podcasting has grown from radio. In fact, many other podcasts emerged around the same time as Lydon’s and Curry’s, and most were by non-radio professionals.

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