Case Study Takeaways

Outlined below are a number of key takeaways, gathered from across the above case studies, addressing four critical areas for podcasting: advertising, audience engagement, diverse revenue streams, and networks.


  • When a podcast’s numbers reach critical mass, a show can develop direct relationships with advertisers (and keep 100 percent of the revenue).

  • A strong brand identity can ensure advertiser interest.

  • CPMs remain malleable, especially when the advertising content is bespoke. CPMs need not be the only method of earning advertising revenue.

  • Podcasting offers ways of experimenting with advertising and an opportunity to stand out from the online/mobile advertising sphere.

  • Journalists must exercise caution when choosing sponsors if they are to maintain credibility. It’s possible to establish a line between editorial and advertorial, though ad quality may be sacrificed.

    Audience Engagement

  • Podcasts can allow you to own a relationship with your audience and engage with listeners directly.

  • Engaged, loyal audiences are more likely to support freemium models.

  • Podcasts can be used to diversify content, providing another platform for reaching your consumer.

  • Podcasts can add value to online audiences and brands.

  • Live shows can be used to build audience/host community.

    Diverse Revenue Streams

  • Podcasts can offer a way to diversify revenue streams, including direct support from audiences and subscription models that offer premium content.

  • Branded content could be a viable way of earning advertising revenue beyond CPMs.


  • Audience growth remains a significant challenge, one which networks can help shows to overcome.

  • If networks are to maintain talent, they must super-serve their creators.

  • Outlets can tap internal talent as a way of creating new content.

  • For publishers (particularly big name publishers) interested in producing podcasts, Panoply offers an interesting, low-risk way to enter the space.

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