Author: Vanessa Quirk.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Boylan, Pete Brown, Fergus Pitt, Benjamen Walker, Susan McGregor, and Emily Bell of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism for their support. Special thanks to Claire Wardle for generously giving me her time and fantastic feedback.

Also thanks to all those who took the time to speak with me (on or off the record) for this project: Nick Quah (Panoply, Hot Pod), Robert S. Boynton (NYU), Tom Webster (Edison Research), Noah Shanok (Stitcher), Mark DiCristina (MailChimp), Jim Colgan (Audible), Brendan Monaghan (Panoply), Christa Scharfenberg (Reveal), Rob Walch (Libsyn), Steve Nelson (Infinite Guest), Jenna Weiss-Berman (BuzzFeed), Clea Conner Chang (Intelligence Squared), Jake Shapiro (PRX), Angela Stengel (First Run, ABC Radio), Kerri Hoffman (PRX), Hrishikesh Hirway (Song Exploder), Erik Diehn (Midroll Media), Steve Wilson (Apple), Seth Lind (This American Life), Parviz Parvizi (Clammr), Matt Lieber (Gimlet), Sarah van Mosel (New York Public Radio), Caitlin Thompson (Acast), Andy Bowers (Panoply), Jaclyn Friedman (Yes Means Yes), Mitra Kaboli (The Heart), Benny Becker (Israel Story), and Aaron Mahnke (Lore).

January 2016

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