Providers of Automated Journalism Solutions

A review of the market identified eleven companies that provide automated content creation for journalistic products in different countries.11 Thereof, five are based in Germany (AX Semantics; Text-On; 2txt NLG; Retresco; Textomatic), two in the United States (Narrative Science; Automated Insights) and France (Syllabs; Labsense), and one each in the United Kingdom (Arria) and China (Tencent). The field is growing quickly: the review is not even published yet, and we can already add another provider from Russia (Yandex) to the list. While eight companies focus on providing content in one language, the remaining four offer their services in multiple languages. The German company AX Semantics, for instance, offers automated content creation in as many as twelve languages. It should be noted that these companies do not consider themselves journalistic organizations; neither do their names indicate a relationship to journalism, nor are their products specifically geared toward providing journalistic content. Rather, their technology can be applied to any data from any industry, and some of their major business fields include writing for product descriptions, portfolio analyses, or patient summaries in hospitals.