The Art and Science of Data-Driven Journalism

Public Service

Internationally, the Guardian Datablog established itself early as one of the best sources of interesting, relevant data journalism, covering topics from sports, to popular culture, to government accountability.137showing how free, open source tools, narrative skills, and online publishing can be used by a lean team to produce excellent journalism. Notably, its editors and contributors are not programmers: They leverage free online tools and open source software in their work.Every Datablog post demonstrates an emerging practice wherein Datablog editors make it possible for readers to download the data themselves. The Datablog is full of great examples, like mapping reactions to current events,138spending,139quality,140States,141rates.142important as the British government continues to invest in open data. In June of 2012, the United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office relaunched and released a new open data white paper.143government has doubled down again and again on the notion that open data can be a catalyst for increased government transparency, civic utility, and economic prosperity. While the evidence that has emerged in recent years strongly supports the connection of open data to economic activity, the role of data journalism in delivering accountability using the data released from these platforms and acquired by Freedom of Information Act requests is central.144