The Tow Center is pleased to offer its latest resource for newsrooms interested in improving their digital security and source protection practices.

"The What, When, Where, Why and How of Who Can See Your Information Online" is an illustrated overview of the mechanics of the Internet, including everything from how your computer connects to a wifi hotspot, to what is (and isn't) protected by an https connection. The detailed illustration also includes explanations of what "metadata" is typically stored by digital companies and available to (U.S.) authorities, as well as demonstrating the functions of digital security technologies like Tor and encrypted email.

The full-size images linked below are suitable for generating high-quality printed versions of the illustration at 24"x36" (61cm x 91cm) wall-sized version, and an individual 12"x18" (30cm x 45cm) size. The illustration is currently available in English, Spanish and Turkish. If you are interested in providing a translation, please contact Susan McGregor at [email protected].

The what, when, where why and how of who can see your information online

Click on "Read" button above to select a high-resolution version of the image than can be downloaded (not recommended on mobile).

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